Enduring IP is completely dedicated to diagnosing and treating inflation exposures.
We are inflation plumbers - specialists in the problems and tools of inflation.

We are inflation geologists - skilled at finding the fault lines.

We are inflation protection evangelists - we believe that the biggest threat to wealth, not just today but for all time, is inflation. In the 1970s, there were few solutions available. This is no longer true, and there is no reason that investors today need to trust to blind luck - or the kind ministrations of central bankers - when it comes to inflation.

Enduring Intellectual Properties Inc (EIPI) was established in 2016 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enduring Investments LLC. Enduring Investments is an employee-owned, registered investment boutique focused solely on inflation-linked markets and related investments. It is registered as an RIA in the State of New Jersey and as a CTA and CPO with the CFTC.

But not all clients require asset management services. We founded EIPI so that we could bring Enduring solutions to customers without requiring them to become asset management clients.

Through EIPI, Enduring can license its strategies to institutional clients and asset managers who wish to utilize an Enduring innovation but handle implementation themselves.Enduring Intellectual Properties is also a leader is developing tools to help individuals, as well as institutions such as family offices or endowments, pursue goal-driven investing.

 CEO - Michael Ashton

Mr. Ashton was a pioneer in the U.S. inflation derivatives market. He is widely viewed as a premier subject matter expert on inflation products and inflation trading. He traded the first interbank U.S. CPI swaps and was the market maker for the CPI futures contract. He has written extensively about the use of inflation-indexed products for hedging real exposures, and has worked as a trader, salesman, and strategist for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Since 2009, he has been working to help individuals and institutional clients develop an understanding of, and efficient protection against, the possibility of higher inflation.