Our Services

The list of services below covers most of the engagements we typically receive, but is not exhaustive. If you have an inflation problem - we are the inflation solution!
  1. Inflation Exposure Analysis
    We can conduct client-specific inflation exposure analysis, and recommend hedging products and techniques to address these exposures. Whether you're an insurance company, industrial concern, or family office, don't leave the future in the hands of "unknown unknowns."
  2. Marketable Inflation Strategies
    We have developed a number of strategies around inflation, from "lifestyle protection" products such as a College Tuition Hedge to "smart beta" global inflation-linked bond and commodity strategies, that can be licensed to investment management firms looking for 40-Act inflation products.
  3. Speaking, Lecturing, or Training
    Enduring IP can provide custom-tailored training courses of several hours' or several days' duration, covering a wide variety of time-sensitive and timely as well as timeless topics. Ask us for some examples.
  4. Regular Inflation Reports
    We can provide daily chart packages, monthly inflation component reports, our Quarterly Inflation Outlook, all available by subscription. These are also available in a MiFID-compliant way through several research portals. We can also custom-design reports.
Your inflation is not the same as CPI inflation, and so your exposure might not be best addressed with conventional inflation-linked products. Or, perhaps it is. Do you know?

If you're unsure of whether you should be buying TIPS or commodities, or doing something else to hedge your unique exposure to resin prices or Dutch inflation, doesn't it make sense to ask an expert?

There are many analysts who claim to be inflation experts, because there is no certification for inflation experts. But have those individuals put in their "ten thousand hours" in inflation to actually become experts, or are they just hoping they know a little bit more than you do?

It doesn't hurt to ask. Reach out to us and ask us about our strategies, services, or training programs.